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28 August 2004 @ 11:26 pm
ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh the infamous moi is back and i am sorry i have followed use all out of school to the livejournal but u should all blame ruby for signing me up.......i would have had no idea if she hadnt taught me how to*smiles at Rub*
anyhow i honk and salute u as im going to bed
14 August 2004 @ 08:24 pm
blah blah blah...i shall write a side story in here i hav decided..i am quite bored lol

once apon a time there lived a dwarf called no one in particular.he was a good dwarf.he paid his bills, went to work in a suitable mine.until one fateful day..nip was making his way home from the mine down to the pub for a drink with some mates.on the way there he saw a beautiful young lady dwarf standing alone in the middle of the street.curios, nip strolled over to her.they had a brief conversation and the lady led nip off to a deep, dark woods.she and nip plodded happily along, talking about everything from mushrooms to sauercrat.out of the gloom of the forest appeared a small house, and the lady led nip inside.
nip was different when he left that house.no one was him anymore.no one remembered him.he was just there living up to his name, no one in particular.nip searches the world, hoping to one day finding someone who can notice him
14 July 2004 @ 02:50 pm
The Plan

Assigned by: Sub Way

Mission Notes: Go to the date farm.Look for the 3rd strawberry tart on the left.The key shall be under the rock 5 paces away from it.Take the key and the strawberry tart.Go to the Library.On the 12th shelf to the left of the Big Book of Monsters #7 there is a false mustache and wig.Put them on.Leave the strawberry tart in there place.Proceed to the Warehouse stationary.Unlock the Snakeskin briefcase.Take the folder inside it and pay for the briefcase.From there hightail it to the Long Prattle of Marvin.Watch out for the Spindly Cuffs.There you shall recive your next instructions.

To be executed on: 98.76.54. 0000 hours

request:Confirm quickly all agents
13 July 2004 @ 09:04 pm

The Plan

Prepared by: Agent R Llama 

Sent to: Agents of the Richard Family

To be executed on: 12.02.09, 1655 hours

Notes:Remember to find the Purple Badger on the Seventh Floor of Mad Kazzooie

Mission: Decode the Minor Mintie Frog hatch then proceed into Kelly Tarltons. Once inside plant explosive device on all outer glass surfaces of tanks. Set timers to go off at 1700 hours GMT. Leave quickly. 


07 June 2004 @ 12:57 pm
i decided i wuld write a nice side story 4 the "family feud" hehehe..i writin dis of top of hed..so if its toal crap dats y..part frm my crap writin skills...

susanna sat under her tree (dat was neva eva neva eva gunna b nethin like a bush)and contemplated her childhood.for the most aprt it had been a happy one,filled with special things that no non magical child would ever have.what other kids got to fly and had talking pets after all.in fact her childhood was pretty much perfect until that terrible terrible incident that happened in her 11th year

mother and father had a rare holiday from their demanding work schedule and decided it was time we had a family holiday.sarah,kayla and i were most exicted about going away to hawaii,we had rarely been allowed outside our home island for fear of being captured and used against our parents,who were very powerful witches.

being witches we all flew,apart from our father(male witches cannot fly) who rode the ruby the llama.our first days in hawaii were amazing.we all swam and visited remote parts of the island,travelled deep underwater and flew high above the island in the sky.

we were all having a brilliant time together swimming,laughing,talking and mucking round.then somehow it all went wrong.

we were on the beach looking at the(now very tall) palm trees that sarah had charmed.father went underneath them to get a better look at the charm quality,
when a coconut,the size and weight of a bowling ball dropped out of the tree right onto my fathers head.

mother had gone shopping in the main city today,and maybe if she had been there sarah and i wouldnt of panicked as badly as we did and we all wouldnt be in this sorry situation.

i know in movies that its only a special effect when things go in slow motion but i swaer that the coconut faliing did.i saw it drop out from the tree,fall slowly throught the air and drop onto his head.i remember cleary the shocked expression on his face as he saw it fall and for just a second before unconcinous claimed him the indescribable expression of pure pain.

sarah kla and i naturally panicked.at first we just stared and stared untill a movement broke our concentration.someone was walking along the beach.we turned back to our father.i told sarah to see if she could smell our mother while i went over to check our fathers pulse.

sarahs nose wasnt quite up to its standards now so she had trouble finding our mother seeming as she was quite a distance away.eventually she located her and told me she was going to get ruby to fly over to get her.

meanwhile i was checking our father.he still had a weak pulse but was completely knocked out.the woman who was walking along the beach was nearing us now.perhaps if i had thought about i would of wondered how she got here consdiering that this beach was very hard to get to by land and not really the sort of place you would go for a sunday drive.but i didnt and what happened happened.

the woman neared us,saw our father and hurried over.she asked me if he was ok and what had happened.i told her and she said that she was a nurse and that she would help us care for him until our mother came back with ruby.

naturally we gratefully accepted her offer,and she sent sarah and i off to find various objects that she would need.slowly she was sending us futher and futher away and the things she wanted were more like potion ingredients then medicinal herbs.

but all sarah kla and i could think about was our father.we happily collected many ingredients while the woman brewed them in an empty coconut shell over a fire.

when i got back after one particulary long excursion i found kla on the beach in tears

"hes gone"

the events after that are a bit of a blur.mother came back on ruby and went very pale,we returned to our island.mother never really properly recovered,she tried to say strong for us though.she never really believed like we did that he had died.we didnt really either,but it was easier that way.we needed to move on
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04 June 2004 @ 02:39 pm
ooo, i have no idea if this gonna post in the family feud, but if it does . . .
Years back . . .
As the tropical cyclone slowly approached uhm, wereva freddy got hit by the coconut?, amanda honked to herself, HONK HONK! finally freddy will be mine, mine, MINE! v conicedantly enuf, with the tropical cyclone storm raging ahead, freddy waled unda the palm tree just as it fell and BONK! ontop of his head . . Everything went black . . . *amanda cackeled, HONK HONK with glee* her mission was accomplished . . or so she thort as she drove in her fungus towards the place where freddy got knocked out by a coconut . . .
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03 June 2004 @ 08:45 pm
31 May 2004 @ 04:19 pm
YAH! Freddy's come back! come to save me! all i haveta do is find my body which is not in yemen in the tattoo palour, but in the go between . . . the world between worlds. and then there's the soul changing process . . . hmmm, will it hurt? neways, hmmm wat is the soul switch process? neways, u guys had so better hurry and save me, coz afta all i do have an mission in the future which will not be successful if im dead!!!! and if i die . . so does the world . . . but i trust in my family - freddy, susanna, manda, kla, sarah, ruby, tim, and ahh sam/antha. . .
22 May 2004 @ 08:05 pm
harhar shuld b able 2 update nw tht i can find were 2 do it..
19 May 2004 @ 04:35 pm

We Are Here (yemen)...in the story anyway...and please dont sue me View Zone Tours...im not makin any money from this...so theres no need... 

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